Delivery Information

Upon receipt of your order and payment notification for a EasiRyder, a EasiRyder accessory or a spare part, we will draw the item/s from stock and arrange for delivery to either (i) the address specified by you, the purchaser or (ii) one of our distribution outlets that will come online in January 2018. It is important to supply a contact number in case the Courier Service needs to make contact with you to alert you to the delivery. (They may be lost, late or have some unforseen problem that they need to communicate to you.) Please include any special delivery instructions to ensure a trouble-free delivery of your EasiRyder purchase. If a temporary out-of-stock situation exists, we will immediately notify you and reschedule the delivery. You may contact us at +27(0)61 034 5949 regarding any query you may have.

Delivery Charges


Purchases from EasiRyder

We deliver within the borders of South Africa. Delivery promotions may run for specified periods and when available they will be advertised on site and in the Free delivery section. Delivery charges on orders placed with us outside the specified promotion dates will be calculated according to the following rules:

Delivery within South Africa

International Delivery