Q:  What is the heaviest motorcycle that EasiRyder can safely transport?
A:  EasiRyder can accommodate most categories of motorcycles up to a maximum safe weight of 200kg. Note: This weight may be exceeded if the specification of the towing vehicles towbar system allows for the extra weight.
Q: Can I load my Harley Davidson?
A: NO! EasiRyder is not designed to accommodate the big "Cruisers" , the Harley Davidson range of motorcycles or even the BIG BMW's. If you are unsure if your motorcycle is suitable for towing using a EasiRyder, please contact Darryl at 061 034 5949. Our primary concern is safety!
Q: What towbar can EasiRyder be used on?
A:  very important question. At present we are only catering for the "flat plate" tow bracket. We are in the process of designing and testing an adaptor to enable EasiRyder to be fitted to the "banana type" tow bracket that is becoming popular. We will release this adaptor when it has passed the safety testing procedures.
Q:  How do I determine the weight of the motorcycle on the tow bracket?
A:  Tests have indicated that a “rule of thumb” is that 50% of the weight of the motorcycle is at the rear wheel when being towed in the EasiRyder.
Q:  Is there wear and tear on the front tyre during towing?
A:  There is always wear and tear when rubber meets the road surface on any vehicle. However, research done via tyre manufacturers in the UK indicates that the degree of wear and tear is negligible. Consider how much greater the wear and tear on the front tyre would be due to the additional weight of the rider coupled with the forces exerted on the front tyre during cornering and braking when a motorcycle is being ridden from point A to point B compared to being towed in a EasiRyder trailer!
Q:  How easy is it to “load” a motorcycle into the EasiRyder?
A:  A lighter motorcycle (e.g. Off-Road bike or 250cc bike) is easier to handle than a heavy (e.g. BMW 1200cc) motorcycle and, consequently easier to “load”. However, the EasiRyder has been designed for easy “one-person” loading procedure and the Lifting handle uses the leverage principle – i.e. 15kg of lift at the handle lifts a 200kg motorcycle into the safe towing height effortlessly. After a little practice, it is effortless.
Q:  How safe is my motorcycle whilst being towed?
A:  (i) The EasiRyder is “locked” onto the tow bracket attached to the tow vehicle with a padlock through a hardened steel Tow Pin therefore (i) the EasiRyder cannot disengage from the tow Vehicle.(ii) the Rear wheel of your motorcycle is “locked” into the wheel cradle using a set of high strength nylon webbing straps (2 ton breaking strength) that pass over the top of the rear tyre and are tightened using a ratchet mechanism, thus firmly anchoring the rear wheel into the EasiRyder cradle. Additionally, a retaining strap passes around the rim and tyre to ensure that the bike remains securely upright and in position (iii) a second high strength nylon webbing strap holds the rear wheel firmly between the wheel braces, completely immobilizing the rear wheel for safe and secure towing and (iv) the straps from the handlebar pull the bike firmly backward into the Cradle between the wheel braces.
Your bike is safe, brother!!
Q:  How much does the EasiRyder weigh?
A:  The complete EasiRyder, with straps and cradle weighs 35kg. Compare this to a conventional two wheel motorcycle trailer.
Q:  What is the EasiRyder made of?
A:  The EasiRyder is an engineered combination of thick walled mild steel tubing, mild steel plates and special steel (EN19) Pins and Bushes.
Q:  Tell me about the design of the EasiRyder?
A:  The EasiRyder has taken 5 years to perfect and has evolved through many prototype stages, undergoing testing and modification, to arrive at the current design which is the strongest, simplest, most efficient and cost effective format for the purpose it is designed to serve.
Q:  Who was involved in the design?
A:  Because of the high priority for safety, the required specification for the EasiRyder concept was was evaluated by several experts in, and from, the various disciplines essential  to  the manufacture and construction of the EasiRyder. The challenge of designing the EasiRyder product was accepted and expertly accomplished by a unit of highly qualified, multi-discipline, engineers who consult to a variety of clients, including the motor manufacturers, on major projects for commerce and industry in South Africa. Their advice and support have been instrumental in creating a safe and reliable device for transporting a motorcycle behind a motor vehicle.
EasiRyder has received SABS accreditation in line with the specifications for which it has been designed and tested. Ongoing testing by the SABS and engineering unit will continue in order to ensure that quality and safety remain the priority.
Q:  Where is the EasiRyder manufactured?
A:  The EasiRyder is manufactured in ISO accredited factories in Port Elizabeth. These factories are also contracted by companies involved with the various motor vehicle manufacturers in and around Port Elizabeth as well as general industrial clients.
Q. What colour can I get the EasiRyder in?
A.  Our standard colours are black and silver. Anything else would be a special order and subject to a quotation.
Q.  Is there a guarantee available?
A.  The EasiRyder is guaranteed against faulty workmanship and any defects that may occur as a result of wear and tear through normal use.
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