Benefits of owning a EasiRyder!

The benefits of owning a EasiRyder are added flexibility in riding habits, additional freedom and comfort gained by choosing when to ride and when to tow, pride of ownership through product functionality and quality, enjoyment gained through choosing a EasiRyder, value delivered through price/performance and, last but not least, personal satisfaction at the reaction that your EasiRyder trailer will invoke in others.
"EasiRyder Direct" - Priced for you, the customer!
EasiRyder has chosen the “factory to end user” model for our sales path together with a combination of Mobile Messaging linked to our interactive Website for the marketing of this unique product. This approach enables us to market the EasiRyder directly to you, our customer, thereby ensuring that you are getting a quality product at the best price. We are focussed on supplying and servicing one product – EasiRyder!
After sales Support
There may be items that are mislaid, such as a lifting handle, cover cap for the cradle nut, a strap or a Tow Pin. Any of these or other replacement items may be ordered via our website or by telephone.
On-going evaluation and development.
Each EasiRyder has its own unique serial number, linked to the owner through our database. A survey will be conducted, with the willing participation from selected EasiRyder owners, to re-test selected EasiRyder trailers that have undergone severe usage – heavy motorcycles / high mileage / rough terrain / high speed – for any signs of undue wear. NMMU will perform this testing as a project involving their engineering students. This continuous evaluation process will ensure that the EasiRyder product remains a safe and reliable means of transporting a motorcycle.
The EasiRyder Team
The challenge of designing a safe, lightweight and compact device with no wheels for towing a motorcycle behind a motor vehicle was accepted by the engineering division of a well known and respected university in Port Elizabeth. Safety and strength are critical factors and computer modeling was used extensively to identify areas of the design that required special attention.

Manufacturers from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth were consulted and contracted to manufacture various components of the design throughout this extended development and testing phase. After many design upgrades, computerized strength analysis tests, and several prototypes over a period of 5 years, the final version of the EasiRyder is ready for use by the biking enthusiasts.

Throughout the development process advice was sought from specialists in the fields of tyre manufacture, mechanics, fabrication and coatings.

Opinions from bikers and non-bikers were considered, tested and adopted where value from the opinion would benefit the EasiRyder and the end user.

Finally, four local companies that share our passion, have the respect of their industry peers and exhibit the enthusiasm we expect were chosen to collaborate in the manufacture of EasiRyder.

The finished product, EasiRyder, will be distributed countrywide from our manufacturing premises in Port Elizabeth.
Outdoor events!
EasiRyder will have a presence at most of the major events on the Biking Event Calendar during 2018 and we look forward to seeing you there!
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