The following accessories/spares are available for the EasiRyder:

Cradle & Straps
The Cradle and safety straps accommodate the rear wheel of most motor cycles – with solid axles and hollow axles –and hold the motorcycle securely in place even over the roughest roads.
Handlebar Wheel Alignment Straps & Ratchets
The handlebar straps are fitted with high quality ratchets that simplify the adjustment and tightening of the wheel alignment straps for secure towing.
Link Arms and Circlips
The link arms allow two height adjustment settings for the cradle to be at the correct height for loading and towing the motorcycle.
Lifting Handle
The lifting handle enables effortless raising of the motorcycle to the correct height for safe towing.
Locking Pin and Safety clip
The locking pin ensures that the bike is securely “locked in” when the safe towing height is reached when lifting the rear wheel using the lifting handle. The Safety Clip is an additional safety measure to ensure that the wheel remains “locked in” to place whilst towing.
Tow Bracket
This 12mm steel bracket is designed specifically for the EasiRyder, allowing side to side lateral movement during towing and reversing whilst simultaneously keeping the bike firmly secured in the upright position during towing
Lifting Handle Grip
This is a rubber grip that fits onto the end of the Lifting Handle for comfort and non-slip operation.
Safety Light
The optional Safety Light is plugged into the standard Tow Bar System electrical outlet and works in conjunction with the tow vehicles lights, brake lights and indicator lights. The Safety Light is suspended in front of the motorcycle, facing vehicles approaching the tow vehicle from the rear, during a night night towing exercise. This optional Safety Light  warns the drivers of vehicles approaching from the rear that there is an extension behind the vehicle in front of them.
Numberplate Suction Cups
It is illegal to obscure the rear numberplate of a vehicle. The EasiRyder does just that. To ovecome this, the three suction cups provided are inserted into an extra numberplate for the tow vehicle and stuck facing outwards onto the rear windscreen of the tow vehicle. This makes the numberplate visible to all and sundry at the rear of the vehicle and satisfies the legal requirement.
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