EasiRyder, the Bikers choice!”

EasiRyder is a unique “trailer without wheels” designed for those avid motorcyclists who need a portable, lightweight, low-cost “device” to transport their motorcycle to and from their chosen destination – easily, conveniently and, above all, safely!
With a little practice, loading your motorcycle becomes a simple and effortless one person operation. The lifting handle is designed to lift the rear wheel of the motorcycle/s, that are suitable to be towed using EasiRyder, a safe 25cm off the road surface with minimum effort. At the correct height, a locking pin automatically engages to ensure that the motorcycle remains in the raised position until the motorcycle owner is ready to unhitch the motorcycle.
The unique design of the EasiRyder, coupled with the safety straps, ensures that the motorcycle is held securely upright and locked into place during transport. With the rear wheel raised, the motorcycles front shock absorbers act as suspension to dampen the effects of a rough road surface whilst being towed.
The Tow Pin can be locked into the tow bracket, thus preventing the motorcycle from being stolen whilst attached to a parked tow vehicle. Towing your motorcycle is effortless and, because of the light weight and minimal tyre-to-road surface contact, fuel consumption is lower!
Steerage straps ensure that the front wheel is aligned with the rear wheel prior to, and during, towing thus ensuring that the motorcycle is totally under control during towing or reversing.
The compact size and light weight favors portability and allows the motorcyclist to store the EasiRyder in the boot of the car.  
Taking your motorcycle anywhere has never been this easy!
Take your Superbike with you on a family outing without foregoing the pleasure of riding your bike AND spending quality time with your family. EasiRyder makes this possible! (Honda 1000cc)
"EasiRyder transports my “monster” safely wherever I choose to go, whenever I choose to go. I enjoy the comfort of my car to get there and the exhilaration of riding my “monster” to blow the cobwebs from my mind, when I am there! Wow! The best of both worlds!" Dave Mc Call (BMW1200GT)
"Off-Road motorcycles are a cinch to load and tow. EasiRyder, the compact, low cost and convenient way to go off-roading as often as you can get away. Life is great!" (KTM990)
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